Remembering The Creeper
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About the film

Remembering The Creeper

Premiered: May 19, 2018
Parkway Theater
West Jefferson, NC

Year    :   2018
Produced By    :   Appalachian Memory Keepers & Germain Media
Genre    :   Documentary
Time    :   51 min.

The Virginia-Carolina Railroad Company's 'Virginia Creeper' line first crept into Ashe County, North Carolina in 1915 and, although the tracks were pulled up in 1977, the impact of the Creeper is still felt throughout this scenic mountain county decades later. Join Scott Ballard as he travels along the path of the Virginia Creeper, gathering stories from those who remember the train firsthand.

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Director's Statement:

The beauty of "Remembering the Creeper" is that it captures in authentic Appalachian voices some of the memories and stories surrounding the Old Creeper Railroad. While various books and paintings of the train have been produced over the years, no one has ever attempted to trace the entire length of the tracks thru Ashe least on film. Undertaking and finishing this project was both a personal and a professional challenge that added an important chapter to the history of Ashe County, NC.


Appalachian Memory Keepers (AMK), in association with Germain Media, hosted the world premiere of two new films at the Parkway Theater in West Jefferson on Saturday, May 19. Premiering first was The Dewey Cox House, a 15–minute film recounting the stories of the families that have lived in this magnificent Grassy Creek home originally built in 1849.

Remembering the Creeper: Ashe County and the N&W Railroad, then made its public debut. The 51–minute film, dubbed Germain Media’s "Magnum Opus", by narrator Scott Ballard, follows the route of the Virginia Creeper from White Top, VA, to Todd. At each train stop locals, who grew up with the Creeper or who had special knowledge of its history, share personal accounts and memories of the train that are now preserved on film.

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"We loved seeing "Remembering the Creeper"! How informative and well-done! My family discussed how we appreciate the important work Appalachian Memory Keepers is doing of preserving the stories. They are so much better told first-hand. It is also so educational for newcomers like us (Larry has been farming here 40 years and Ashley and I have been here 21 years – but still newcomers) about the place we call home and are so proud to represent. Thank you for the time and extra effort spent in "getting it right"!"

Kitty Honeycutt - Director, Ashe County Chamber of Commerece


"Being a train buff, I thought I had heard most of the stories surrounding the Virginia Creeper train. This film, however, both surprised and entertained me with stories that I had never heard!"



"All of the people interviewed in the film were fantastic! Old and young, male and female...they were all great. I also enjoyed all the great accents. A true cross section of Appalachia!"


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